On Being Lazy and Outsourcing Stuff

Game development is tough. I haven’t released anything, but I did something that I never thought I could do in a short amount of time; build a non crashing prototype. That’s majorly huge if you’re starting out, but then looming shadows crept in and reared the ugly two headed hydra that most indies run away from (or do miserably at) ; Art and Sound. Year ago, when I published my first game, Sol Del Rey, I thought I was boss hog when I did the engine, development, UI and Art myself. A long time friend and awesome DJ, Robert Buckler, thought it would be a cool experiment to do the music since he never did that genre of work before.

Well, I burnt myself out doing everything and when I only got 4 downloads in a matter of 4 months I dusted off the bottle of butthurt, took a huge swig and quit making games for two years.


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