Nana’s Pettin’ Emporium Dev Blog 01 | Puppy Bubble Wrap

I don’t think anyone reads these things. That’s cool, cuz’ man…writing in that pretentious developer style is so tiresome. I get tired of sounding all stuffy, y’know?

So look, everyone is talking about Trump. Trump this. Trump that. Trump in your coffee. Trump during your commute. It’s everywhere and it was really starting to effect me. I was watching a lot of Let’s Plays of Detention and Lone Survivor; I was playing Papers Please and Dead Synchronicity. I couldn’t even have a calm conversation with friends without sounding defensive, accusatory, saddened or just plain pissed off.

The news wouldn’t let up and I could feel myself just becoming cynical. Just dead ass cynical.

Then ‘The Male’ complained I was too depressed and I should, in good haste, lighten the hell up.

What should I do: smile and pet a puppy?

Then it hit me. Yes. Yes, I should.

Golden retriever attack

I wanted to do something hype with a Granny. When I say hype, I mean have this comedic Granny in this pressure chamber full of puppies, right? She owns this stress release pet shop, this haven of cuddles. Fluffy puppies come out of the walls just to love and lick and snuggle Granny; she perfects this super sonic petting ability that sends these puppies in an orgasmic fountain of pure furry four-legged bliss.

So in the past couple of weeks, with some help and advice from friend, I finished the following prototype:

I’ve got bugs, doesn’t every game? I’m hashing out a few art ideas as well. I specifically like this flat, cubic style that was showcased in VOX.

It’s super fun, easy and though the contents was extremely serious, I couldn’t help but laugh at the cartoons. I’m horrible, I know. I like the style so much, I’m thinking about revamping my whole website like this. I have no idea why I laugh so hard at this shit, but I do. Maybe because it gives so much with so little.

More updates with Nana coming soon. When I was approached with the idea of mobile publishing, I immediately declined…initially. I want this to be fun for a lot of people, but I also want this to be a world in it’s quirky entirety. My previous releases on mobile were not awesome. I hated implementing ads. I hated flocking to reviewers to play my mediocre creations but most of all, I hated making mobile games because they weren’t ‘fun’ to me.

Nana is different. I want to hit the streets with Nana. Give this to parents to help teach their kiddos simple counting but most importantly to give to adults so they can lighten up, have some ‘funtastic’ cute time waster and pass it along…like Bubble Wrap. Yes. I want Puppy Petting to be the New Bubble Wrap! So, I plan to put Nana on first for .99 cents initially and charge more when I add more game modes. I might have more skins, different pets, different settings.

So if you’re enduring Brexit, Trump, Bitcoin woes and just general fights with family; hold on…the puppies are coming.

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