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So it’s been a tad bit quiet for the last few months in Cake N Iron land, so you may ask: ‘What is that woman doing?’ Well, a lot, really. I came up for air and wanted to give a few updates, be they brief.


Nana’s Pettin’ Emporium did way better than I expected. I had multiple lines of positive feedback, a few trolls and some technical feedback to make improvements. All in all, the game made over 100 bucks, which is pretty awesome. I’m still mulling over putting it on steam, but I would rather split the earnings with those who helped make petting puppies, well, possible! For those who think 100. USD isn’t a big deal, that’s okay. To me it’s a huge deal considering what I learned about the publishing process and development end to end. My C# kung fu leveled up drastically and it’s prepped me for bigger project to develop, market and publish.


I’ve been deep into writing a world I thought up when I was 16. You know when you have those kooky ideas but you’re too young, no support, no skill, etc.? Yeah, I’m one of those cases. Twenty years later I got my confidence gilded in titanium and started fleshing the world together, specifically for the purpose of creating a larger project: a romance adventure game series based on point/click mechanics and match three battles (sort of like Puzzle Quest, if you remember that one. It’s one of my favorites).

Wait? Writing? Romance? What?

Despite my gregarious and outgoing personality in public, I’m a pretty introverted person with a tender heart for romance. I love shojo, slice of life manga and romantic manwha more than anything. I’ve always have and I always will. Since I let the cat out of the bag, it’s one of my decadent pleasures; so much so I wanted to write my own and make games out of them. When I played Hunie Pop, I knew there was something there, something women would enjoy…but it wasn’t enough of a broad appeal because, well, you quest is to bang women, not romance them through an epic story. Combining this with my love for point and clicks (Syberia, Gabriel Knight, King’s Quest & etc.), I thought wouldn’t it be cool to write something as a Wester homage to my favorite shojo writers (Yayoi Ogawa, Kim Hyun, Yamamori Mika), dabble in the world of pretend cute boys and then make a game about them?

So I’m writing a series of books. Yeah. I know write, but it’s not going too shabby. In fact, you can read my progress for the next Camp NanaWriMo coming in July. I’ve already started the first out of the trilogy, so when July comes up, I’ll copy pasta and see what type of edits come in. You should read along with me! Not only will you get to edit all the things, but you’ll actually see the plot and follow along as I post a GDD and character breakdown of all the players in the story. Here’s a small snippit:

Wanted: Live In Assistant for Martial Arts School.

Looking for female who can handle all of my personal affairs while I run my school. Room and board provided. Must do all chores, laundry, scheduling and cooking between my school and my connected home. Will not tolerate anything but the best. Pay is negotiable. If you think you are worth of this job, send me evidence that you are and I will be the judge.

Professor Goda

This will a 60,000 word novel, but the series follows the blossoming affection between Olivia Marlane, a late 20s culinary school graduate running from her past and Takeshi Goda, a wealthy, bitter, reclusive jiu jitsu master who is 20 years her senior and has secrets of his own. The cast reflects the America I live in; a diverse cast of people of all nationalities, secrets, sexual preferences and status. It’s not urban; it’s not white house wife. It’s just a love story between people who find it hard to love each other and themselves.

The Crescent City world is just a place where people have problems, hopes, dreams, love, desires and love a really good meal. So follow along. I’m really enjoying this work and I want to have prose along with the video game series. My love for writing is back…now all I need is an editor to make it suck less! 😉

Signing off!


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