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Cake N Iron is a crazy, one (wo)man studio created by Jada ‘JC’ Brazil. She’s an awesome 12 year video game and entertainment industry veteran who worked for even more awesome places such as Fox, Turner Television, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, BBC and Animal Planet. This is where she should spout about TV life, but she is, and always will be a nerd, so after a date of too much sake, she quit her gig and went to work for places like Electronic Arts, EA Mobile in Los Angeles and Treyarch’s Santa Monica studio.

Upon trekking to the Pacific North West and settling in Seattle, Washington, she worked briefly with Microsoft, Big Fish Games, Cheap Ass Games and Studio Foglio before taking the leap and creating her own quirky creations! As a side note, she loves obscure Japanese manga, ‘slice of life’ anime and lesser known video games.


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